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Atlas of Biotech Education

The publication – ‘Atlas of Biotechnology Education in Gujarat’, is an effort of GSBTM on behalf of Dept. of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat to take a stock of the agencies undertaking a humungous task of creating world-class manpower in Biotechnology and allied subjects. It aims to help the prospering Biotech Industry to identify various knowledge & manpower producing centres as well as to the investors of Biotechnology projects in the state to make business/investment decisions on the basis of manpower availability in various parts of the state. The ‘Atlas of Biotechnology Education in Gujarat’ provides an overview of various Biotechnology educational programs spread all over the state, the subjects/courses taught with the number of students’ intake, etc and would also help the educationists and policy planners in qualitative and quantitative analysis of this sector. It shall also come handy to the concerned parents/guardians as well as their wards interested in making a career in Biotechnology & allied fields, for taking decisions related to admissions to various courses for any level of education (i.e. undergraduate, post-graduate or even post-masters’).

Page last updated on: 29/3/2017

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