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BT Awareness

Biotech Awareness Corner(BioACorn)

About BioACorn

Biotechnology popularization and awareness generation is one of the important activities amongst six different pillars of the activities of the Mission. It is important to spread the message and bring awareness in the community about the latest developments in the field of Biotechnology. In the similar line while all the different approaches are being addressed to ensure various other aspects of awareness generation and information dissemination among the stakeholders; school children and community also needs to know the importance of biotechnology in the welfare of humanity.

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To demonstrate the concept of BioACorn Project and to see the overall impact of the project initially GSBTM planned to execute the BioACorn project at one community science center. C.C. Patel community science center, Vidyanagar is the first center to be created and this center has been taken as “Model Center” by GSBTM for the execution of BioACorn.

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Events – Vallabh Vidyanagar

'One Day Biotechnology Awareness Camp' was organized by BioACorn, GSBTM at C. C. Patel Community Science Center of Vallabh Vidyanagar. Total 47 students from different schools and standards with teachers, attended the camp. The core goal to organize the camp was to generate awareness about basics of Biotechnology as well as the diversified applications of the subject, by means of activities. The day started with interactive session by Dr. Madhvi Joshi, Sector Specialist and Project Coordinator, BioACorn, GSBTM, Gandhinagar, where students could correlate daily applications of Biotechnology by means of examples like Curd, Fermented food, Bt Cotton etc. After the interactive session scientific movie was showcased as a part of ‘MovieCorn’ activity.

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Workshop on Guidelines for access to Biological Resources under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002

An awareness workshop on ‘Guidelines for access to Biological Resources under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002’ was organised by Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi, co-organised by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission - GSBTM and supported by Department of Biotechnology - DBT, GoI and Centre for National Biodiversity Board. The occasion was graced by Shri. T. RabikumarIFS Secretary National Biodiversity Board, as Guest of Honour and Prof. M. K. Ramesh, National Law School of India University as a Chief Guest. Other guest for the event includes Dr. Vibha Ahuja, General Manager, BCIL and Dr. SubhashSoni, Joint Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat. Chief Guest for the event emphasis on the use of National Biodiversity Act 2002, in a good sprit and said there is no requirement to take concern from the NBA or from State Biodiversity Board for taking sample from the land of India to caring out research by the Indian citizen in India. He also said since the law is new itself lots of misconnect has been immerged in the society. In technical sessions expert explained the need of the permission and consequences which one has to face if not taken the permission from NBA. There was a wonderful session of interaction with FAQ test list in which the participants were asked to answer on the basis of their understanding from the previous sessions. In another session, Prof. M. K. Ramesh, emphasise on the rules mentioned in Biodiversity Rules 2004, while Dr. Prabha Nair, CEBPOL, NBA though light on the Indian obligations through Nayoga Protocol and Dr.ShivenduK. Srivastava under his talk give focus on the access of biological resources to the researcher and industries. This session was followed by an open discussion moderated by Dr.AnandBhadalkar, SSI, GSBTM, with panel having all the experts on dias, which was targeted to help the participants to come forward and get answers to their queries. This session was very much useful for the budding researchers and also for the persons who belonged to industries and were working on biological resources. The program ended by giving the mementos to the speakers followed by a vote of thanks from Dr.AnandBhadalkar.

Biological Diversity Act

Page last updated on: 28/3/2017

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