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Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank (BioGene)

Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank (BioGene)

Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank (BioGene) - External website that opens in a new window

The rich heritage of plants, which feeds and sustains humankind, is conserved through seeds, vegetative propagules, tissue culture, embryos, cells, DNA etc. Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank plays a vital role in conservation. This bank is primarily intended for the storage of DNA of endangered species and socio-economically important species of Gujarat. Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank also conserve Micro organisms. Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank is a multi-unit, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional initiative with participating faculty, students, scientists and biotechnology industries. Activity focus is on Conservation Biotechnology operations including specialized research laboratories, training activities, infrastructure and equipment for the biotechnology community of Gujarat. Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank include conservation in terms of Seed banking and DNA Banking.

Seed Gene Bank Objectives

  • Preservation and characterization of plant genetic resources, mainly species that are related to agriculture and industrial crops and those that are endemic, rare or in danger of extinction.
  • Undertake and promote long term conservation of plant genetic resources employing ex-situ conservation for seeds, in-vitro cultures and cryopreservation techniques and assist in in-situ conservation efforts.
  • Act as the repository of collected material, elite material and endangered material, as also a regional repository of duplication collection as a part of the global system.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the existing collections, facilitating the organization of regeneration program.
  • Conducting research related to medium and long term conservation of germplasm. Developing and operating a database and information network system on forest genetic resources.
  • Support/assist in organization of post graduate education and short/medium term training's.


  • Fully equipped labs
    • Molecular Biology Laboratory
    • Cryo-preservation Laboratory
    • Embryo-Rescue Laboratory
    • Seed Bank
    • Bioinformatics and Database Unit
  • Internally optimized protocols, and innovative automations together with stringent quality assurance and quality control
BioGene Infrastructure BioGene Infrastructure BioGene Infrastructure
BioGene Infrastructure BioGene Infrastructure BioGene Infrastructure

Biogene Activities

Plant Collection and Tissue Banking

Till date 443 Plant species are collected form Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar. Collection includes 443 accession representing 106 families, comprising of 134 trees, 95 shrubs, 133 herbs, 52 grasses and 29 climber species. This collection contains eight endangered species (Stereculia urens, Crataeva nurvala, Dolichandrone atrovirens, Macaranga peltata, Santalum album, Vitiveria zizaniodes, Coccoloba uvifera, Cedrela toona); six vulnerable species (Commiphora wightii, Pandanus fascicuaris, Dolichandrone falcate, Heterophragma adenophyllum, Tecomella undulate, Dillenla pentagyna); 45 rare species, 33 least concern species, 102 common and 78 cultivated species. Rests of the 171 species are of wild distribution and their threat is not identified. The total collection of plant diversity represents 30% of Gujarat’s Plant Diversity.

Plant Collection from Basan Research Center includes 416 accessions of 416 CPTs representing 20 plant species for DNA banking. These collections contribute to the 20% of the total identified CPTs of Gujarat. GPS data of each plant species is taken to locate the plant on map.

Herbarium Collection

Herbarium preparation is being established to correctly refer the collected species from the field collection.

DNA Banking and DNA Bar-coding Protocols

Plant DNA Banking and DNA Bar-coding protocols are being established

Microbial Repository - BioGene Bank A Bug Program

One of the prime mandates of BioGene is conservation of biodiversity of Gujarat. Microbes being key components of the lives and a magic tool box of potentials; essentially needs no justification for conservation. It is a stepping stone for the conservation of the microbial diversity of Gujarat. BioGene has initiated a program called as Bank a Bug under which it is encouraging deposition of microbes from the Academicians/ researchers/ students of Gujarat in to the microbial repository of BioGene. The main objectives of this facility are to act as a depository, to supply microbial cultures and to provide related services to the scientists working in research institutions, universities and industries. Its aim is to promote and support the establishment of culture collections and related services, to provide liaison and set up an information network between the collections and their users, to organize workshops and conferences. Microbial repository holds about 5600 microbial strains of bacteria and fungi.

For Depositor there are two options available for depositing their cultures:

  • Secured Access: Depositor can deposit the cultures without putting them on public domain. This option is to be taken when strain is having the relevance in IPR or other matters. Such deposition and maintenance of the cultures be charged based.
  • Public Access: Depositor can deposit their cultures in open access and get molecular identification done for their cultures. Also they will share joint authorship in the submissions. Such deposition will be free without involving any financial liabilities on depositor.

Page last updated on: 19/4/2017

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