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Biotechnopreneur™ Camps

BTP Camp 2015-16

Institutes interested in hosting BTP Camps may
Send the filled EOI form to GSBTM positively by 20th January, 2016


The Biotechnopreneur™ Camp was conceptualized to foster Entrepreneurship & augment Innovation Ecosystem across different cities in Gujarat. Intending to encourage individuals to undertake Biotech innovations & finance & acquire business acumen & help channelize their own resources to transform innovations into economic goods.
The Biotechnopreneur™ Camp has been supported by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL) & Sky Quest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (Sky Quest) as Knowledge Partner.


The main objectives were to help individuals explore newer business or livelihood opportunities, to familiarize individuals with the Government Initiatives, Polices, Support & Infrastructure, to sensitize individuals regarding initiatives & support available for entrepreneurship development & to motivate & induce individuals to acquire skills & competencies to become entrepreneur.
This year Biotechnopreneur™ Camps have been conceptualized especially to benefit the Tribal Population of the State.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camps, Gujarat


A series of Seminars – christened as ‘Biotechnopreneur™ Camps’ in all major cities of Gujarat with an aim of addressing all of the gaps that have been identified, has been envisaged. In a half-day programme, it would be opting to give a brief picture regarding the business areas in Biotechnology, the scenario – global, national and regional as also discussing the Support Systems possible.
Businessmen operating in varied fields like chemical, pharmaceuticals, textile, etc. have already taken the first step towards entrepreneurship and if the trends world-wide are studied, it would be obvious that a large number of biotech businesses have emerged from divergence of these industries into biotechnology. Hence, it would be apt to tap the Entrepreneurial mindset of the people of Gujarat, operating in variety of sectors and showcase to them the business & livelihood opportunities in biotechnology.
The Seminars aim at participation from Tribal Educated Youth, Villagers, Farmers, Workers, Social welfare Society/NGO/SHG Members, etc.

EoI for Biotechnopreneur™ Camps for Tribal - 2015-16

Organizations/ Institute/ Colleges / Social welfare Society / NGO / Self Help Groups (SHG) where Social Entrepreneurship is actively pursued are invited to express their interest to organize these Seminars along the blueprint. GSBTM assumes all responsibility for inviting relevant resource persons as also financial support. The Host Organization shall be responsible for local logistics and ensuring its reach to the intended beneficiaries.

Blueprint of Biotechnopreneur™ Camps for Tribal - 2015-16

Expected Participants: At least 50-60 Tribal Educated Youth, Villagers, Farmers, Workers, Social welfare Society/NGO/SHG Members are expected to be benefitted. In those cases where the Organization does not have enough strength, they may invite & ensure beneficiaries from amongst relevant fraternity from neighbourhood organizations.

Focus/Theme of Each Session:

  • Registration
  • Welcome Address
  • Overview of Biotechnology
    Different aspects of Biotechnology in Routine Life
  • Introduction of Entrepreneurship & Biotech Business Opportunities
    Deals with Different aspects of converting a Biotech idea to Start up
  • Government Policies & incentives for Entrepreneurs
    Funding policies from State & Central Government
  • Live Case Study Innovator

Eligibility:Organizations/ Institute/ Colleges / Social welfare Society / NGO / Self Help Groups (SHG) actively pursuing Social Welfare, Training & Entrepreneurship in/or Tribal areas.

Others:Host Organization must have/arrange for a comfortable Seminar Hall/Auditorium/Suitable place with capacity of 50-60 pax. with a functional audio-visual presentation facility. Depending upon the travel plan of the resource persons, it might be needed to arrange for their decent & comfortable stay.

Nature of Duties:Host institutes has to take care of participants, local arrangements, photo & videography, Food, accommodation of Speakers & organizing Team, Registration, etc. While GSBTM take cares of transportation, Kits, Honorarium to the Speakers, Mementoes, etc.

Biotechnopreneur Camp-FGD-Bhavnagar

Date & Day: 07th February, 2014; Friday
Venue: Cafe,1589 Generation X Hotel, Kalubha Road, Bhavnagar

The Bhavnagar FGD was attended by about 19+ participants ranging from Entrepreneurs, Industry Representatives and Professionals.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camps, Gujarat Biotechnopreneur™ Camps, Gujarat

Biotechnopreneur Camp-FGD-Rajkot

Date & Day: 13th February, 2014; Thursday
Venue: Rajkot Engineering Association, Rajkot

The Rajkot program was attended by about 34 Participants ranged from Entrepreneurs, Industry Representatives and Professionals.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Rajkot Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Rajkot

Biotechnopreneur Camp-FGD-Ankleshwar

Date & Day: 20th February 2014, Thursday
Venue: Hotel Lords Plaza, Ankleshwar

The Ankleshwar program was attended by about 36 Participants ranged from Entrepreneurs, Industry Representatives and Professionals.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Ankleshwar Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Ankleshwar

Biotechnopreneur Camp-FGD-Bhuj

Date & Day: 24th February, 2014, Monday
Venue: Hotel Prince, Bhuj, Kutch

The Bhuj program was attended by about 28 Participants ranged from Entrepreneurs, Industry Representatives and Professionals.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Bhuj Biotechnopreneur™ Camp-Bhuj

If you are interested to know more about this activity and/or interested to attend this activity and/or want to have such an activity in your area/organization/etc. pl. write/email us at:

Mission Director: Dr. Subhash Soni, Mission Director, GSBTM (Email:
Coordinator/Nodal Officer: Dr. A. N. Bhadalkar, Sector Specialist
Secretariat: Javid Shaikh, Senior Research Fellow, TRAE Cell (earlier Entrepreneurship Support Cell)
Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission [GSBTM], Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Gujarat
Block # 11, 9th Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar – 382 017
Tel.: +79-232 52197/64 (Dir) Fax: +79-232 52195

Page last updated on: 29/3/2017

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