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Biotechnopreneur™ Programme


Entrepreneurship, especially in technology-driven areas has been a challenge in the state of Gujarat. At times, there has been lack of information regarding the business prospects in various technology-driven fields inclusive of Biotechnology that led Medium & Large groups to shy from these businesses. At times, there has been lack of awareness regarding the Support Systems possible from various sources, inclusive of the Governments’ end.
Similarly, it has been realized that during start-up phase, SMEs often face a number of problems directly linked to the lack of resources: lack of human resources, lack of experience, lack of expertise in certain fields, lack of contacts, and of course, lack of financial capacity. Hence, there is need for creating awareness. Business defaults can have many causes but there is a societal interest in reducing hindrances for start-ups and small enterprises with growth potential.

Pro-active Governance

One of the most important issues is to improve the access to suitable finance. The State Govt. had formed a Biotechnology Venture Fund in 2006 and about 5-7 projects have been supported so far, and some more are in pipeline. In addition, this office has been undertaking some Entrepreneurship Development Programmes of varied periods. In collaboration with the NSTEDB, this office is also contemplating launch of a structured 320-contact hours programme ‘Biotechnopreneur™ Programme’ - custom-tailored to suit each of the 20-25 candidates aspiring at Bio-entrepreneurship.
The Government of India, while appreciating the necessity of developing entrepreneurship in science and technologies matters the Department of Science & Technology as formulated a National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board [NSTEDB]. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India and Centre of Entrepreneurship Development are similar initiatives of Central Government and State Government in the same aspect.
Amongst various programs of NSTEDB remarkable there are ones to support faculty/ human resources development and development of institutional mechanism. DST, Government of India has also supported development of Science & Technology Entrepreneur Parks (STEPS) as also various incubators.

Concept of the Programme

Biotechnopreneur™ is a person who works with innovative product and/or technologies & uses them for his/her business promotion.
Biotechnopreneur™ programme is a 10-month custom tailored multidisciplinary course conducted in three phases:

  • Opportunity identification-Scouting technologies on offer from research organizations as well as commercial firms & carrying due diligence on shortlisted technologies
  • Grounding of the technology with business plan-Converting Technology Potency into Business Advantage.
  • Project Execution- Start Implementing the Plan and prepare Techno-Economic Commercial Report
Biotechnopreneur™ Programme


Program overview

Huge investments by governments/investors all across the globe created a vast pool of huge technologies ready for harvesting by entrepreneurs & Indian entrepreneurs are better placed to exploit this global stock of knowledge with a ready & growing local market hungry for new products/services,
The huge market & proven Indian capabilities make investment in Life Science business the most exciting opportunity area for Indian entrepreneurs.

Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2011-12

The first round of Biotechnopreneur™ Programme commenced in July 2011, total 19 participants were enrolled to the Programme. Amongst 19 participants, 14 has successfully completed the programme.
Implementation of programme has been done by ~90 hours structured sessions of interaction & regular feedback.

Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2011-12 Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2011-12

Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2011-12 Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2011-12

As a part of the programme, participants were visited different Biotech Industries named Maps India Pvt. Ltd, Anand Agriculutural University, Savali Biotech Park & GSBTM Lab. The visits gave a very good exposure to the participants regarding the different areas of biotechnology sector.


At the end of the programme, out of 14 participants 5 candidates have registered their enterprises and the details are mentioned below:

Name of the participant Company name & Address Product
Anand Patel C. K. Enterprise Amorphous Silica, Sodium Silicate, potassium silicate
Ankit Patel Company registration under process Extraction Of Steviosides From Stevia Rabudiana Plant
Hardik Patel &
Nirav Patel
Bharat Bioscience Banana Tissue Culture
Punit Popat SHUBHAM LIFE SCIENCE PVT LTD. Collagen Based Biomaterial for Dermal Wound Care and Pain Relief

Valedictory & Award

Valedictory & Award

Amongst the 14 participants, a Panel of Juries selected 3 projects for a Cash Award (sponsored by Foundation of MSME Clusters [FMC]) of Rupees 1 Lac to each of the projects. Dr. Renu Swarup, Sr. Advisor, DBT, Govt. of India kindly consented to be the Chief Guest at this Award Function while Shri Ravi S. Saxena IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary, DST, Govt. of Gujarat presided the Function.

Biotechnopreneur™ Programme 2013-14:

For the year 2013-14; total 12 participants were registered. The Programme was commenced in September, 2013 and the first phase of training i.e. Interactive Class Room Sessions has been completed. The Class room session includes Biotech Business Opportunity Identification, Business Leadership & Financial Matters.
The second phase of programme has been started and the participants are in preparation of their Techno-Economic Commercial Report.
Based on the project, the participants allotted a mentor to provide dedicated guidance and supervision.
The list of the projects chosen by the participants mentioned under:

Sr. No. Participant Area of interest for Project
1 Alkesh Shah Probiotic Health Drink
2 Chiren Thaker Production of Spirulina based biscuit
3 Dr. Darshana Maru Sea weed cultivation & weed extraction
4 Dr. Neeru Singh Biofuel from waste
5 Heta Pandit Organic Water Treatment
6 Mukesh Sudarshan Sea Weed based Refinery
7 Pooja Makwana Diagnostics
8 Rajan Soni Liquid Bio fertilizers
9 Sahil Shah Stem Cells
10 Sarthak Patel Marine based Fish Food
11 Samrat Singh Rajput Food Processing
12 Saiyed mustafa Neutraceuticals

The participants were visited Industries mentioned below:

  • Maps India Pvt. Ltd
  • SHRI Facility-Vadodara
  • Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd



If you are interested to know more about this activity and/or interested to attend this activity and/or want to have such an activity in your area/organization/etc. pl. write/email us at:

Mission Director: Dr. Subhash Soni, Mission Director, GSBTM (Email:
Coordinator/Nodal Officer: Shri A. N. Bhadalkar, Sector Specialist (Industries)
Secretariat: Javid Shaikh, Senior Research Fellow, Entrepreneur Support Cell

Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission [GSBTM], Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Gujarat
Block # 11, 9th Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar – 382 017
Tel.: +79-232 52197/64 (Dir)
Fax: +79-232 52195

Page last updated on: 2/5/2018

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