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Genetic Diagnostic Centre (GenDiCe)

Genetic Diagnostic Centre (GenDiCe)

Genetic Diagnostic Centre (GenDiCe) - External website that opens in a new window

The problem of genetic disorders in Gujarat is enormous. Millions of people are suffering from inherited diseases like thalassemia, muscular dystrophy, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart diseases etc. One-sixth of the world population living in India has never been systematically studied for the prevalence of inherited genetic disorders. Several diseases prevalent in India are yet to be identified and reported. For example, there are families whose female members over four generations do not have fingers and toes; many families exist with several individuals affected with muscular dystrophies; there also exist families where generation after generation only disabled children are born. These cannot be explained on the basis of our current knowledge and hence their genetic basis needs to be established. This is just the tip of the iceberg!!!. GenDiCe – Genetic Diagnostic Centre, which will concentrate on addressing the above issues.

The center puts forward with an intention to use tools of biotechnology and modern techniques to help and improve life of common people. This study would not only diagnose genetic disorders using advanced technologies but also identify genetically predisposed population who are at high risk for the disease, which is totally lacking in the state presently, no such data of this region is available and the study would be first step towards a community based genetic study in Gujarat state. This would not only benefit patients for redesigning their treatment but also will be valuable for the forth coming generations in terms of having vital knowledge about their genetic status for any given disorder and also in managing prophylactic treatment for the same.

Memorandum of understanding for developing Gujarat Genetic Diagnostic Center was signed and executed from 1st June, 2009. Since then organizational structure of the center is developed, dedicated land with the building worth Rs 40 lacs is ready for the use. The same is developed by university.

Organizational Mechanisms

The centre has an advisory committee, headed by MD, GSBTM and having representatives from collaborating agencies /departments and eminent national scientist of the field. Following is the formation of the committee. The advisory committee would render advice regarding the activities to be undertaken and also encourage use of this facility by their respective organization and departments. Head, zoology department will work as Director for the center. Sector specialist, Pharma & Healthcare will act as joint director in ex-officio strength.

Sr. No. Name Designation and Institute Designation in Committee
1 K. Saxena , IFS Mission Director, GSBTM Chairperson
2 Dr. Pankaj Shah Director, GCRI Health dept. nominee
3 Dr Sher Ali Scientist, NII, Delhi Member
4 Dr K. Thangaraj Scientist, CCMB, Hyderabad Member
5 Prof Nitiai Bhattacharyya Scientist, SINP, Kolkata Member
6 Madhvi Joshi Joint Director, GenDiCe & Sector Specialist, GSBTM Member
7 Prof M. V. Rao Director, GenDiCe, & Head, Zoology Department, GU Member Secretary

First advisory committee meeting of Gujarat Genetic Diagnostic Center was organized on 12th January, 2010. All the valuable suggestions discussed during meeting were incorporated in the strategic action plan and of the center. GSBTM has issued 93 lacs out of total 198 lacs as first year financial support to the center. Center has already recruited technical manpower for the center.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Shivashankar Chettiar Senior research Fellow
2 Mr. Tapan Patel Senior research Fellow
3 Mr. Gaurang Sindhav Junior research Fellow
4 Ms Swati Thakur Junior research Fellow
5 Ms Yasin Mansuri Technician cum data entry operator

Page last updated on: 11/3/2014

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