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LeoGen: A Wildlife Conservation Biotechnology Initiative of Government of Gujarat


Biotechnology has application in various sectors. It can play important role in biological conservation. GSBTM as state nodal agency has been facilitating the use and adoption of biotechnology in relevant areas. GSBTM had developed the concept of using biotechnology for conservation of Asiatic Lion and other endangered wild life species. The same was given to Forest department. In this respect, Forest department, Gujarat State, had identified GSBTM as a nodal agency sought support for establishing Institute of Wildlife Genomics and DNA Banking [LeoGen]. It has been approved by state government.

Following activities are visualized under LeoGen

  • DNA banking and cryopreservation for Asiatic Lion
  • Development of microsatellite markers for Asiatic Lion
  • Genomic studies on Asiatic Lion
  • Establishing Institute of Wildlife Genomics and DNA Banking [LeoGen]


  • DNA banking of 70 lions and 59 leopards samples
  • Sex determination of Vulture samples for Sakkarbag Zoo
  • Sex determination of Sarus Crane samples for Sakkarbag Zoo, GEER Foundation and Surat zoo
  • PCR based diagnosis of Theileriaannulata in blood sample of Tiger for GEER Foundation
  • DNA Banking with 201 blood and tissues samples of 17 mammals species and 9 bird species
  • DNA Barcode submission for three genes of Asiatic lion mitochondria - A first report on barcode of Asiatic Lion globally
  • First report of whole genome of mitochondrion of Asiatic Lion globally

On-going Tasks

  • DNA based Variability studies in Asiatic lion
  • Development of DNA Barcodes for other mammalian and reptile species banked in LeoGen.

Page last updated on: 16/2/2017

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