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Marine Bio-Resource Centre (MBRC)

Marine Bio-Resource Centre (MBRC)

The rich marine resource of Gujarat offers vast opportunities in the field of Genetic conservation of marine biodiversity. It, The richness of marine resources in Gujarat and the potential of Biotechnology in conservation, finding novel uses and applications, increased productivity, sustainable use, enhancement and development of marine biotechnology, needs dedicated infrastructure, continuous research and development efforts. The vast marine bio-resource of the State, needs to be first conserved and the knowledge base generated from research on this bio-resource needs to be put to optimal use, for betterment of mankind. Gujarat state biotechnology Mission has conceptualized the development of Marine Bio-resource Center. The centre is being developed at Jamnagar. in collaboration with key state government organizations – Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, DST, GoG, Gujarat Ayurved university, Jamnagar, and Gujarat Forest Department.

The main activities of Marine resource centre would be the Survey and data collection of the Marine Biodiversity of the State while long term objective would be,

  • Characterization of the isolates,
  • Ex-situ conservation of the marine biodiversity by sample preservation or cultivation or other methods,
  • Creation of a gene bank for the same,
  • Screening the marine microbial and planktonic flora for bioactive compounds & unique bioprocesses etc..

Page last updated on: 16/2/2017

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