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Multi-Institutional Teacher's Training Program in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

GSBTM as a part of Biotechnology Human Resource Development strategy Skill Development Program for teachers & faculty, associated with biotechnology education, mbtEACH program, was conducted. The multi-institution program was done with the participation of 3 institutes – Anand Agri University, Gujarat Cancer Research Institute and Forensic Science Laboratory. mbtEACH is a unique endeavor of Teacher's Training program, teaching Post Graduate Bioscience faculties and research scientists coming from different universities or institutes of the state.

Multi-Institutional Teacher's Training Program

During the program participants had received High-end Molecular Training for handling various living systems such as animal, plant [AAU], microbes [PERD] and humans [FSL]. GSBTM played the role of coordinating and organizing agency. Four different institutes involved for providing training were P.E.R.D. [B.V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development Center], Ahmedabad, F.S.L. [Forensic Science Laboratory], Gandhinagar, A.A.U. [Anand Agriculture University], Anand and GSBTM, DST, GoG for imparted Bioinformatics Training. Day sessions included laboratory training and evening sessions at GSBTM, included Bioinformatics training sessions.

The main objective of mbtEACH was to increase the availability well trained manpower and resources in Gujarat. It aims to enhance knowledge and proficiency, in molecular biology and bioinformatics through awareness generation, education and training. The residential program was 10 days program, conducted second consecutive year, from 15th May, 2007 to 25th may, 2007. The program included 30 man-hours of theory and 60 man-hours of practical work. The program had 26 participants, representing 15 departments from 14 colleges and 9 universities.

mbtEACH Manuals were also developed for Post Graduate Teachers and Scientist of Biotechnology Institutes and Organizations of Gujarat. Molecular Biology Protocols were also compiled to provide guidelines for PCR Techniques, Bioinformatics applications, Genetic Markers and Their Application, Polymerase Chain Reaction, SNP & Genome Diversity, Gene Expression Analysis by Real-Time PCR, etc. Bioinformatics sessions were conducted for training scientists about the various Informatics applications used for Biological research. The contents included basic concepts of computation like Database Basics, Biological Databases, Predictive method Using Nucleotide sequences, Predictive method Using Protein sequence, Molecular Docking, PCR and Primer Design, Sequences analysis, New Technology in Drug Discovery etc.

Page last updated on: 29/3/2017

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