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Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
Research Support Scheme[2017-2018]
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The science of Biotechnology is emerging as potential tool in development and technology of hope for society and therefore State Government of Gujarat has identified it as a potential tool for development. To facilitate the overall development of Biotechnology, the State has constituted Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, whose mandate is to promote, support and facilitate the development of Biotechnology.Unlike other industry, the Biotechnology is a knowledge based sector. The commercialisation of product and process development is the function of and research base, and research activities. Biotechnology development is highly dependent on Research innovation.Therefore a very important aspect of Biotechnology development is to promote, support and facilitate research in the field of Biotechnology. In this respect a vast Biotechnology literate manpower is available in universities, colleges, Research Institute, who as a part of curriculum or as academic culture are involved in the research. However due to paucity of resources or absence of well directed focus, streamlined research effort in field of Biotechnology, are wanting.In this perspective that Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, keeping the regional National and Global perspective shall promote and support the skilled technical manpower in Biotechnology to take up Research Project.

Page last updated on: 17/10/2017

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