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BT Business

Technology Facilitation Cell

Gujarat has strong base of entrepreneurship which can venture in the field of biotechnology.Development of Biotechnology business, involves entrepreneurship and investments. Mandate of GSBTM is to facilitate and encourage growth and development of Biotechnology in the state. Technology Facilitation Cell (TFC) provides support for selected services, in terms of database of biotechnologies available for commercialization, transfers, partnerships and later on additional roles. Role ofTFC is toprepare databases of developing / developed technologies from R & D institutes, laboratories, and other organizations relating to various biotechnology sectors.TFCexplores potential applications of available biological technologies to foster the development of biotechnology and its entrepreneurial endeavors.

TFC aims to promoteand facilitate vigorous growth of biotechnology sector in the State, increase emphasis on technology driven project in biotechnology sector, encourage and motivate industry to enter into hi-tech, hi-risk areas and to have firmer linkages with the R&D, importantly heighten direct and indirect employment creation in this sector, significantly accelerate the levels of investment inflows including foreign capital into biotechnology sector, and to aggressively promote the state as the destination of choice for emerging biotechnology business opportunities.

TFC has successfully compiledtwo editions of Technology Scrollwith 5 Volumes each, covering 9 Biotechnology Sectors and 170 Sub-sectors covering1216 Technologies, Tech—Briefs For Agriculture Biotechnology Business & Entrepreneurship Development, Biofertilizer Business – Technology Manual [Volume I], Plant Tissue Culture Industry – Technology Manual [Volume II], Jatropha Biofuel Business – Technology Manual [Volume III], Compendium of Biotechnology Industries of Gujarat and Compendium of Tissue Culture Industireis and Organization in Gujarat.

Page last updated on: 29/3/2017

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