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GSBTM intercedes in training programs supporting faculties, postgraduate, M. Phil and Ph. D students.

M.Phil. Pre-training Program

With special emphasis on DNA barcoding the training program was conducted was conducted from 7th – 11th July 2014. A total of 37 students attended the program of which 33 enrolled themselves for M.Phil. Program.

training program training program
Interactive and lecture sessions

The training program included field collection at Jessore hill. A total of 56 plants, animal and fungus samples were collected. The trip was followed by laboratory experiments including voucher preparation and DNA barcoding.

training program training program
Field Collection trip at Jessore Hill
training program training program
Collection and laboratory sessions

M.Phil. Boot Camp

GSBTM having the state of art facilities for sequencing, banking and bioinformatics analysis has organized M. Phil. Boot camp from 26th February to 5th March 2015. The bootcamp was aimed at training and completing pending tasks of the M. Phil. students including data submission and progress report presentations.

training program training program training program training program
Collection and laboratory sessions

NGS Data Analysis Workshop

Main scope of the workshop was to train university faculties and researchers of Gujarat in data analysis and annotation of high-throughput data. A total of 35 teachers, scientists and researchers were selected for these workshops based on their experience in molecular biology work.

training program training program
Hands-on training was provided to all the participants

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