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The state is currently in the exercise of preparing the State Biotechnology Policy, which shall be in conformity with the spirit and strategies of the National Biotechnology strategy/blueprint. The state public policy is reflection of the state’s resolve towards adoption of Biotechnology as a tool towards socio-economic development of the subjects of the state and shall act as the guiding document in defining the priorities as also the strategy, though not the implementation methodology. The strategy shall cover various aspects including development of infrastructure, promoting research, encouraging technology development, Supporting Biotechnology education/ human resource development, boosting biotechnopreneurship and biotechnology business, building public consensus towards the potentials and applications of biotechnology, reassuring biotechnology awareness, etc.

This office invites policy inputs from different stakeholders like Industry Representatives, Researchers, Academicians, professionals, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs as also commoners. You may please send your inputs in either of the following formats:

Page last updated on: 16/2/2017

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