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IBTP: In the year 2018-19:

For IBTP-2018 programme, a total of 78 candidates, fresh graduates of M.Sc. or B.E. (Biotech) from Biotechnology and related departments of the universities in Gujarat were selected for training at 25 Biotech Industrial Units. Monthly Stipend was provided to the trainees belonging to SC/ST caste or have total family income below 4.5 Lacs on submission relevant documents. Most of the trainee has been absorbed by the Biotech Industries Unit.

An interaction cum orientation programme was conducted in the GSBTM Board Room for the trainees for knowing their monthly working in respective industries wherein the trainees submitted their monthly progress statement & a final interaction session was conducted after completion of six months training programme wherein trainees submitted final report followed by giving a short presentation of their work done in respective industries.

Industrial Biotech Training Programme [IBTP] - 2019

Opportunity @ your doorstep

  • Hands on training on live projects in Biotech Industries
  • 6 Months Training Programme
  • Monthly Stipend to trainees belonging to SC/ST or total family income below 6.5 Lacs.
  • Selection through interview and / Exam
  • Token fees to training organization

Who Should Apply?

Eligibilty Criteria

1) Fresh Post graduate and Previous year pass outs (Currently unemployed of B.E./M.Sc. in any Branch of Biological Sciences are eligible to apply. Graduates of B.E. Biotechnology/Post Graduates of Biosciences and selected Academic programmes currently unemployed that are interested for a career in biotech industry.


2) Either a domicile of Gujarat or has taken education (Graduation or Post Graduation) in Gujarat.


In knowledge sector industries inclusive of Biotechnology, a huge importance is given to the skilled manpower employed and hence, head-hunting has always been one of the prime priorities. Most of the industries also find that the freshers (directly from Academics) are generally too naïve and need some training so as to start contributing towards the growth of the Industry. It has been marked at various forums that the freshly graduating students are often not – employable though trainable.

Philosophy of the Programme

The Philosophy of this Programme is to facilitate on-project Industrial training & capacity building of students freshly graduating as well as previous year pass outs who are currently unemployed with B.E-Biotechnology/M.Sc. from various Biotechnology & related Academic programmes that are interested for a career in Biotech Industry.

Method of Selection and allotment to the Industry

All the applications received before due date, are screened preliminarily for eligibility & suitability and shall then be subjected to a Committee constituted for the purpose. Representatives from Industry may also be invited in the constitution of the committee.

Through the interests of the candidates shall be considered, the allotment of industry department to a selected trainee is solely at the discretion of the committee as might be deemed fit by the committee. No requests to this effect from prospective trainee(s) shall be entertained, whatsoever.However, all rights regarding allotment of training, transfer or withdrawal are reserved with this office; and the decision of Mission Director in all regards, is final.

All the candidates are expected to submit periodic reports, etc as prescribed by this office from time to time. This office intends to improve the programme on the basis of the lessons learnt from the earlier experiences. Accordingly, representative(s) from this office visits the campus to monitor the efficacy of the program.

The Trainer Organizations

Biotechnology Units in Gujarat have been requested to express their interest in imparting on-project Industrial training to students selected by this office for a period of 6 months. The company have no obligations towards making any payments or absorption of the trainees, however, the organizations may feel free to make any additional payments to the trainees and/or their absorption in their organization. As a gesture of responsibility, the state government extends nominal financial support to the trainer Industry (towards bearing the charges for chemicals and consumables spent) for the training of each student. Industries desirous of Expressing their Interest in participating in the programme and training some students for a period of 6 months, as prescribed by the IBTP may please fill up the EoI Form and send it to us. This office stands committed to improve the programme on the basis of the lessons learnt from the earlier experiences. Accordingly, representative(s) from this office may visit the campus to check the feasibility of training to the candidates.

Download EoI


Candidates shall be selected for the said Industrial Biotech Training Programme by a committee authorized for the purpose depending upon the interest expressed by biotechnology industry, vacancies indicated, budget availability, preference indicated by the candidates, etc. Selected students belonging to SC/ST or total family income below 4.5 Lacs are paid a nominal stipend towards sustenance. Thus, the IBTP provides an opportunity for a student desirous of making a career in Biotech Industry, some amount of Industrial Training, thus rendering him/her with better employability (in Industry). Hence, candidates NOT INTERESTED for a career in Biotech Industry are strongly DISCOURAGED from applying for the said programme. ONLY THOSE CANDIDATES WHO ARE INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN BIOTECH INDUSTRY NEED APPLY

List of Companies

Apply Online

Sr. No. Title Download
1 List of Eligible Candidates for IBTP 2019 ch-1.pdf
2 List of Non-Eligible Candidates for IBTP 2019 ch-1.pdf

List of Eligible candidates

Page last updated on: 2/7/2019

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