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BT Research

Network Program on Cancer Research

Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission has initiated Research Support Scheme for providing financial support to Universities/ Colleges/ Institutions. GSBTM has recommended 3 projects under the “Networking Program on Cancer Research”. Currently, the projects are sanctioned to The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad and Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre under this program; and they work in the area of Oral Cancer (Male) and Breast & Ovarian cancer (Female). The program is coordinated by GSBTM.

Project Coordinator
Dr. Prabhudas Patel,

Professor & Head, Cancer Biology Department,
The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute. Project Coordinator for this program.

Sr. No. Investigator Project Title Institute
1 Dr. Hemangini Vora,
Dr. Prabhudas Patel,
Dr. Nandita Ghosh,
Dr. Pina Trivedi
Development and Validation of Biomarkers and Drug Targets by molecular profiling of Triple Negative Breast Cancer The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
2 Dr. Prabhudas Patel,
Dr. Hemangini Vora,
Dr. Trupti Trivedi,
Dr. Jayendra Patel
Development and Validation of Biomarker Panel for Early Detection and Enhanced Management of Oral (Buccal Mucosa) Cancer The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
3 Dr. Prabhudas Patel,
Dr. Shashank Pandya,
Dr. Franky Jha,
Dr. Hemangini Vora,
Dr. Madhvi Joshi
Development and Validation of Amplicon panel for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Indian population The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute,
Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC)

Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre
Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
Dr. Madhvi Joshi Dr. Prabhudas Patel
Dr. Poonam Bhargava Dr. Hemangini Vora
- Dr. Apurva Patel
- Dr. Dhaval Jetly
- Dr. Franky Shah
- Dr. Jayendra Patel
- Dr. Nandita Ghosh
- Dr. Pina Trivedi
- Dr. Rakesh Vyas
- Dr. Shahshank Pandya
- Dr. Trupti Trivedi

Page last updated on: 2/5/2018

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