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Biotechnology has integrated life sciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical engineering and computer sciences and can have profound impact in the fields of agriculture, medicine, animal husbandry and environmental protection. Stepping out of the laboratories this branch of science has shown tremendous potential of industrialization. Realizing the same, the State Government, to promote 'Biotechnology', has established 'Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM)' under Department of Science & technology. The Mission has started functioning and during the year 2004 05, operated with the strength of three sector specialists and skeleton of office staff, having a one administrative officer and two computer operators. To promote, support and facilitate the overall development of Biotechnology in the state. To provide institute, legal financial and policy support. To facilitate networking among stakeholders at Regional, National and International level. To facilitate the infrastructure development and R & D activities. To create scientific awareness, sensitization, socio ethical acceptance and adoption to the potentials and application of biotechnology.

Page last updated on: 11/3/2014

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