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Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission

Biotechnology Investment - MoU Status

Vibrant Gujarat - Global Investor's Summit - 2013 (Biotechnology Sector)

Sr. No. Company Title of project Proposed Location District Approximate Investment
(in Rs. crores)
Probable Employment Generation
1 Agriland Biotech Ltd Production of Biopesticides through surface technology Savli,
Vadodara 1.94 20
2 Algene Biotech Manufacturing natural health food suppliments from spirullina and biofertilizer from humic acid Ghantoli,
Surat 0.7 10
3 Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd. Organic cotton farming to finished fabrics Ahemdabad Ahmedabad 150 500
4 Axio- Biosolution Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturing Unit for advanced wound care products from biomaterials. Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 10 30
5 Anil Bioplus Ltd. Manufacturing of Gluconates/enzymes and fermentation based products Halol,
Panchmahal 150 1000
6 Aquagri Processing Pvt. Ltd. Biostimulatns and Nutrients production from seas plants cultivated in coastal gujarat. Bhavnagar/Jamnagar Bhavnagar/Jamnagar 10 1000
7 Maxeema Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Agribiotech (Tissue culture, vermiculture, biofertilizer, Biopesticides) Changodar,
Ahmedabad 5 100
8 Sai Industries Pvt. Ltd. PPP/HDPE woven sacs, jumbo bags, tarapulines lay flat tubing Hariyala,
Kheda 14.1 500
9 Human Biosciences India Ltd. Biotech Project Kalyan gadh,
Ahmedabad 153 200
10 SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. SkyQuestt Innovation complex Ahemdabad Ahmedabad 55 70
11 H L Bio-Energia Manufacturing Bio- Diesel. Kachchh Kachchh 4 30
12 Ingenuity Venture Accelerator Pvt Ltd Digital indexing BPO. Ahemdabad Ahmedabad 110 200
13 Prasad Biotech Bioculture with specific intension to imporive quality and quantity of agriculture outputs/ soil conditioning Gundlav,
Valsad 1.25 16
14 Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd Largescale fermentation facility for biotech products Surat Surat 4 40
15 Sarjan Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Biocontrol and plant tissue culture Bhuj,
Kachchh 1.85 1
16 Auxin Life science Pvt. Ltd. Topical Drug Delivary system. Savli,
Vadodara 1.5 30
17 Micropore Filteration Solution Pvt. Ltd Membrane filters and devices used in biotech industry for purification of biologics API and formulations. Vadodara Vadodara 1 15
18 Farm Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd. Organic Fertilizer (city compost). Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 15 40
19 S N GeneLab Capacity enhancement and diversification into product development in the ara of pharma genomics and molecular pathology Surat Surat 3 67
20 Nano Agro Science Corporative Bio-organic natural fertilizer. Lodhika Rajkot. Rajkot 20 100
21 Hester Bioscience Limited QA QC laboratories, vaccine testing unit, warehouse and other miscellaneous. Jetpur,
Mehsana 30 100
22 Greenfield Biotech Production of plant tissue culture of important crops and associated Agri Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 2 30
23 Gujarat Eco Microbial technologies Pvt Ltd. Biotech products 1000 T Manjusar,
Vadodara 5 1
24 Cippy Biointernational New unit development for the production of bacterial based biofertilizer Rampur,
Ahmedabad 2.5 25
25 Cippy Biointernational Expansion of existing production of organic Inout with new development of innovative bio-organic fertilizer for salinity reduction Rampur,
Ahmedabad 2 30
26 Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd. At pilot and production test stage agro clean and agro charger. A total biodegradable and non toxic option to pest control and crop booster made 100 percent out of farm products which are 100 percent green and eco friendly. Rajkot Rajkot 8 25
27 Ecolibrium Energy (P) Ltd. Commercial products like bio-crude from naturalling occurring microalgae. Ahemdabad Ahemdabad 15 25
28 Jai Research Foundation Development of Invitro toxicity and efficacy evaluation systems for replacement, reduction and refinement in the animal experimentation protocols. Valsad Valsad 10 10
29 Biocare Research India Pvt. Ltd. To provide food and industrial testing and R&D services to existing biotech industries and upcoming projects. Ahemdabad Ahemdabad 6 15
30 Carrag SeaVeg P Ltd Carragenan/ Alginate fertilizer etc. Bhavnagar Bhavnagar 8 20
31 Advanced Medtech Solutions Pvt Ltd To set up world class manufacturing units supported by R&D to develop market appropriate products for wound closure, diagnostics, orthopedic implants and interventional cardiology. Savli,
Vadodara 200 330
32 Nico Orgo Manuares Manufacturing of Biofertilizers and Biopesticides Dakor,
Kheda 1.18 10
33 Adzymes Biotech Enzyme Production Ahemdabad Ahmedabad 3 40
34 Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd. Speciality organic Inputs Vadodara Vadodara 2.25 20
35 Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Expansion of fermentation for probiotics, enzymes,biopolymer and biopharma. Savli,
Vadodara 40 100
36 IASOSOL Services Pvt Ltd. Modular plasma fractional technology utilizing surplus recovered fresh frozen plasma from local blood banks for manufacturing of plasma proteins such as factor viii, factor ix etc. Ahemdabad Ahemdabad 50 125
37 Biolinx Labsystems Pvt Ltd Laboratory solutions and services Ahemdabad Ahemdabad 2 15
38 Gujarat Life Science (P) Ltd Biotechnology expansion Vadodara Vadodara 1.25 12
49 Concord Biotech Limited Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 70 100
40 ASIAGREEN BIO CROPS SCIENCE Bio- Control Laboratory Kani,
Surat 0.88 10
41 Bills Biotech Pvt Ltd. R&D and Manufacture of life saving drugs. Immunosupressants, new antibiotics and anitfungal drugs,high value intermediates by using biotechnological process. Vadodara Vadodara 60 120
42 Indus Tissue Technologies Tissue Culture Laboratory for horticulture plants and trees. Vanzna,
Chikhli 1.5 60
43 BND Energy Pvt. Ltd. Renewable Energy base biomass pellet plant Kamrej,
Surat 20 300
44 Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Manufacturing facility for Biopharmaceuticals based on technology platform from europe. Vadodara Vadodara 80 180
45 Century Pharmaceuticals Ltd Marine Micro alagal Biofuel. Jamnagar/ Jambushar Jamnagar/ Bharuch 100 50
46 Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. Liquid fertilzer plant by GSFC Agro tech Ltd. Vadodara Vadodara 21 50
47 Shrunik Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Mass micropropagation through Embryonic Cell Suspension Technology Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 100 150
48 Shree Biocare Solution Pvt. Ltd. Bioprocess and Bioengineering Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 20 15
Total 1572.9 5937

Biotechnology Sector

Strategic Partnership MoU's - VGGIS 2013 Event

Sr. No. Company Name Partnership For Area of MoU's
1 Inspire Labs Academic Institute/Universities To set up facilitates effective collaboration between faculty in India & accomplished Scientists Internationally as collaboratoe international scientist as co-mentor research students in India
2 Biorad Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd. Skill Development To set up training program of teachers for development and enhancement of Biotechnology in Gujarat
3 Foundation of MSME Clusters Skill Development To set up joint activities and initiative in the areas like technology transfers-Academia Partnership, Cluster Development, Entrepreneurship Development in the districts of Gujarat
4 Century Pharmaceutical Ltd Association/Chambers To set up colloborative R & D activities for the unmet medical needs.
5 SkyQuest Technologies Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Skill Development To Set up Strategic Alliance
6 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India(EDII) Skill Development To set up for strategic partnership in the districts of Gujarat
7 Pharma Care Society Skill Development Biotechnology Aptitude Test - BAT Online Examination is conducted for creating awareness in student of Biotechnology & Allied Science.
8 Century Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Association/Chambers To set up technology development and commercialization
9 Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute[TBGRI] Academic Institute/Universities To set up R & D and product development from Biodiversity in the districts of Gujarat
10 Birla Institute of Scientific Research Academic Institute/Universities To set up Research & Development in the districts of Gujarat
No of Strategic Partnership = 10

Page last updated on: 17/2/2014

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